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Women with a Brush: Inspirational Female Painters

March 8th is International Women’s Day and we wanted to celebrate by highlighting some of the female painters we find inspirational. We chose women who led movements, influenced politics, and most of all opened the way for later generations to create beautiful art. From the classics to the modern, we hope to provide something to inspire everyone.

Justyna Kopania

Justyna Kopania is from Warsaw, Poland and when she paints she tries to show the world that surrounds us, from another perspective. This is sometimes through the eyes of the child, sometimes music, or someone who looks out the window or out into the street.  Perhaps the world that surrounds us really is quite different than we perceive it every day. She gives us that new, fresh outlook..."


"Unbeatable 2018 Top 10 Art of the Year!

Art will forever remain precious in our hearts as art lovers. The year is at its final moments once again, and we at are here to present to you our top ten list of stunning and groundbreaking arts of these twelve months! Each painting has been selected based on the interest and purchase of our customers throughout the year.

The list is packed with stupefying surprises! From the sudden appearance and rise to the first position made by Justyna Kopania to the last year’s reoccurring piece from renowned impressionist, Renoir, Discarded Roses. There are no dull moments!

#1 Justyna Kopania – Moon"



02.2018 - 06.2018

                                                               " FURIA "  

22 meters, 58 centimeters - total length of paintings. . The average height - 2 meters. More than 60 kg of oil paint... 13 oil paintings. Over 2,100 GB of recorded video material. 4 months of work. Series of oil paintings "Furia" 2018.

I will crate a "big" movie with all the paintings of the series "Furia".
The film will be about the strength of women, paintings are about the strength of women also, about the fight ... It will be 2 parts of the movie. Part 1 - about women - we will start
making the movie in a few days, part 2 - it will concern the whole series. Then, September 2018, I will work on the next series of large paintings, which will be about the mythological gods along with the ship, “Chaos”. The series will be called “Chaos” and it will also feature large paintings. It will also be filmed, and “Furia” and “Chaos” will be created the unity. 


June 10, 2018

"Interview: Textured Oil Paintings Express Complex Human Emotions and Ideas

Polish artist Justyna Kopania captures the fleeting nature of time in her expressive oil paintings. Inspired by moments that have “stuck” in her memory, the artist crafts emotive scenes using bold brushstrokes and eye-catching color palettes.

Kopania’s beautiful body of work features a wide range of subject matter, from sailing shipsand stormy seas to pianos and stage performers. Each textured painting exhibits Kopania’s profound fascination with freedom—a concept she strongly associates with the the ocean—and her interest in the “complex processes that take place both outside and inside” each human being."


June 19, 2018


Exceptional Fine Art By Artist Justyna Kopania

Van Gogh. Renoir. Monet. Klimt. sells thousands of fine art oil reproductions of these masters’ paintings each year. But there’s one artist who outsells them all by a landslide … contemporary artist Justyna Kopania of Warszawa, Poland..."



"Полска художничка "спира" времето

Юстина Копаня не познава табута в творчеството си

Полската художничка Юстина Копаня (Justyna Kopania) е истинско предизвикателство за познавачите на стилове и техники в изобразителното изкуство.

В работите й има толкова много сюжети, такива ярки контрасти на цветове и техники, че с право може да се каже, че тя е един "особен" автор, който не познава никакви табута в рисуването."



"Les peintures texturées de Justyna Kopania

Justyna Kopania est une artiste polonaise qui réalise des peintures texturés dans un style particulier mèlant impressionnisme et expressionnisme.

Des toiles de scènes et de paysages qui reflètent la liberté d’un manière très poétique.

A découvrir dans une interview sur my modern met ici."



"И снова Польша…

Гуляя с коляской по парку, так же «гуляю» по просторам инета. И наткнулась на интересного художника.

Польская художница Юстина Копанья создаёт невероятно насыщенные пейзажи. В её творчестве есть как обычные виды с лесами, полями, тихими тропинками, так и красивые маринистические пейзажи с грациозными каравеллами или целыми флотилиями кораблей. Её работы поражают глубиной и объёмом. Кажется, что в этих красках можно просто утонуть, настолько они захватывают и впечатляют. Главное для творчества польской художницы, как утверждает она сама — это передать атмосферу, а не реалистичность изображения. Именно атмосфера создаёт ощущение счастья и удовольствия, побуждает человека к размышлению и приятным воспоминаниям.


"Justyna Kopania is a modern Polish artist. Her paintings are very interesting in technique, they are very saturated with color, it creates the feeling that this is not a canvas but a whole sea of ​​colors, on the surface of which miraculously beautiful landscapes with forests, fields, cities, and caravels floating in graceful waves appeared.
According to the artist herself, Justina tries to convey the atmosphere in her works and not the realism of the landscape, and looking at her work, it is worth noting that she succeeds."


March 12, 2017


My Art reflects the world I perceive with all mysenses; people I meet and love; nature I admire,and all the things that affect the way I am.The Man is my main inspiration and This Man is the principal topic of my project. I am focusing on Their psyche, attitudes, as well as Their appearance, manners and all the complex processes that take place both outside and inside the Man." 


"O πολωνός καλλιτέχνης Justyna Kopania καλωσορίζει το φθινόπωρο με μία σειρά από όμορφες ελαιογραφίες, γεμάτες ζεστό χρώμα και μία μελαγχολική ατμόσφαιρα που χτίζεται μέσα από τις σκιές και τους χρωματισμούς πάνω από τις λίμνες και τα ποτάμια."



"L’artiste polonaise Justyna Kopania accueille l’automne avec une série de peintures à l’huile magnifiquement exécutées. Débordant de couleurs chaudes, les peintures explorent les humeurs variables d’un paysage d’automne."



"24 Justyna Kopania Tablosuyla Denizlerin Enginliğine Bir Bakış

Justyna Kopania Polonyalı bir ressam. Kendisi için resim yapmak pek çok şey ifade ediyor: "Sanat benim sığınağım, hayatım, şiirim, müziğim, en iyi sigaram, en lezzetli çayım, her şeyim" diyerek bunu çok iyi özetliyor."


February 14, 2016

" Reveals Top 10 Art for Fall 2015, the popular online and mobile gallery of hand painted wall art, published its annual Top 10 list of most desired oil paintings for the fall season today. The list consists of the most sought after (and for the first time culturally relevant) artworks for the upcoming season..."


February 14, 2016

22 modern masterpiece oil

" European artists began to use oil paint in the XV century, and ever since it was created with the help of the most famous paintings of all time. But in the days of our high-tech oil still retains the charm and mystery as artists continue to invent new technology, tearing apart templates and pushing the boundaries of CONTEMPORARY art.

Website I have chosen works that delighted us and was forced to recall that fine can be produced in any era.

The winner of the incredible skill of the Polish artist Justin digging (Justyna Kopania) in their expressive work sweeping able to maintain the transparency of the fog, the ease of sail, gentle rocking of the ship on the waves.

Her paintings are striking in their depth, volume, saturation, and texture is such that from them it is impossible to look away..."



"«Картина маслом»: необычные работы современных художников. Фото

Европейские художники начали использовать масляную краску в XV веке, и с тех самых пор именно с ее помощью создавались самые знаменитые картины всех времен. Но и в наши высокотехнологичные дни масло по-прежнему сохраняет очарование и загадку, а художники продолжают изобретать новые техники, разрывая шаблоны в клочья и раздвигая границы современного искусства, передает  Телеграф.

Мы выбрали работы, которые восхитили нас и заставили вспомнить о том, что прекрасное может рождаться в любую эпоху.

Объемные пейзажи Юстины Копаньи" 


"No sé si os pasa a vosotros, pero yo cuando busco un cuadro no sólo quiero algo que sea agradable de ver. Busco algo que me inspire, que me transmita algo, que me emocione, que me sumerja en un mundo de imaginación, me transporte a otra realidad o, sencillamente, me cautive tanto como para quedarme embobado mirando minutos y minutos sin parar en el tiempo.

Pues bien, los cuadros que hace Justyna Kopania, son así. Son elegantes, son bonitos, son melancólicos, son potentes, son visuales, juegan con las siluetas, los colores y el impresionismo. Vamos, ¡unas pinturas magníficas! Y lo son tanto que, claro, tampoco es fácil encontrarlas a precios baratos. Eso sí, una gozada poder disfrutar de obras como estas que, nunca se sabe, quizás en unos años estén en una exposición del Thyssen o el Reina Sofía."



"Le peintre polonais Justyna Kopania crée ces paysages marins habités par des bateaux  qui semble détaillés en quelques coups de couteau à peinture qui forment des aplats."


February 1, 2016

"Sea 2015 - Seascapes"

" Sea 2015 - Reminiscences "


February 1, 2016

"Sea, seascapes, boats 2015 - I"


September 28, 2015

Interview - IL Pickwick -" ART 3.0: AutoRiTratto di Justyna Kopania Scritto da Catia Giaccherini "

"Desideravo intervistare Justyna Kopania già da qualche mese; seguivo la sua pagina, le sue pubblicazioni e un giorno ho provato a contattarla. Per mesi non ho ricevuto risposta. Un giorno le ho scritto un solo puntino in privato questa volta sul suo profilo Facebook. Passano poche ore e ricevo una risposta. Le scrivo quindi che vorrei intervistarla per la rivista Il Pickwick e le chiedo se posso porle alcune domande. Lei accetta con generosità e scrive, scrive e quasi mi travolge con questa volontà che sembra bucare la rete, con questa potenza che si manifesta non solo nelle sue opere ma nel suo modo di essere. E mentre leggo le sue risposte e tento di dar loro la stessa forza con cui le metabolizzo, mi sento come chi sta intervistando un'artista che resterà nella storia e sorrido della fortuna e della gioia che scrivere questo articolo mi procura. Di seguito l'intervista in italiano e in inglese."


March 4, 2015
Nelson Kamdon:) Thank you a beautiful article :)
" Justyna Kopania’s paintings of seascapes and sailing ships — in beautiful and peaceful scenes By Nelson Kamdon on March 4, 2015"
Polish artist Justyna Kopania creates oil paintings of calm seascapes with large sailing ships and boats. At a glance on the featured selections below, it seems the artist just playfully applied the paints on the canvas. But as you take your time viewing the paintings, you’ll see the coalescence of thick paints, colors and scenes — all perfectly blend together, creating a gorgeous, beautiful artwork!..."

Link to the article:

February 23, 2015

Christopher Jobson :)Thank you a beautiful article:)

"Brooding Seascapes and Marine Vessels Painted by Justyna Kopania by Christopher Jobson on February 23, 2015"

Link to the article:

January 11 , 2015


Film with a series of oil paintings :

" Top Ten Contemporary Artist for 2014 Released by Artist Become. Artist Become releases its Top 10 Contemporary Artist List to showcase which artists and their respective styles were the hippest and most desirable on the Market in 2014.
Written by Shannon Yrizarry on December 16, 2014
The online art gallery, Artist Become ( ) has just released it’s Top 10 Contemporary Artists List for 2014. Leading the pack for the second year straight is Polish artist, Justyna Kopania with Belgium artist Pol Ledent holding second place two years in a row as well. Artist Become is an online artist community that showcases original art of both established and emerging artists around the world...
...Kopania is one of the 2500 artists showcasing their art on Artist Become. Of those artists, 1200 were new to the online art community in 2014. With roughly 48,500 original pieces on display on Artist Become, 13,500 works which were uploaded during 2014, there were a lot of artists up for consideration for inclusion in the Top 10 list..."


January 7 , 2015

"The time"

Series of oil paintings.

Film with a series of oil paintings :

January 4 , 2015

“Colours of Life” - The collection of oil paintings “Carmen”, “Inspirations”, “Masks”, “The Land of Reminiscences”, "Variations".

Film with a series of oil paintings :


January 3 , 2015

Series of oil paintings, "Variations" 

Film with a series of oil paintings :

 January 2 , 2015

“The Land of Reminiscences”

The collection of marine paintings “The Land of Reminiscences” 

Film with a series of oil paintings :

 January 2 , 2015

The collection of oil paintings “Inspirations” 

Film with a series of oil paintings : 

December 29, 2014 

Oil paintings inspired by the music of Frederic Chopin.

Film with a series of oil paintings: 

December 27, 2014 

Film with a series of oil paintings of "Carmen" II  in 2004:

December 27, 2014

Film with a series of oil paintings of "Carmen" in 2004:
These paintings are theatrical, exaggerated to show emotions, feelings, thoughts ... this is the "art for art". "Carmen" is the first paintings that I painted. My "Carmen" I painted G.Bizet while listening to opera "Carmen", music from the film by Carlos Saura's "Carmen" and while listening to tangos by Astor Piazzolla, so the music for this movie is Tango by Astor Piazzolla.The main inspiration for me is a man - a very broad sense. And it is "The Man" - is the main theme of my paintings. Both the interior of Human... His psyche belief as well - the look face... - The word -everything that can happen to both the inside out how soul, body...10 years ago created my "Carmen" this is something completely different, clear, simple also difficult - necessitating "viewers" to reflect on the meaning of life, where the man seeks what is..., what it feels .... These are the paintings big, the largest has dimensions 200 cm x 150 cm... Series of oil paintings "Carmen" was inspired by G. Bizet opera "Carmen" and the film of Carlos Saura's "Carmen".To my "Carmen" wrote a script (also writing.) - The whole is a kind of "spectacle" - painting combined with prose and poetry.

December 25, 2014

Film with a series of oil paintings "Sea ", " The Land of Reminiscences " and " Nostalgy " : 

01 June 2014

Artist of the Month - June 2014.
Gallery Alfam LLC represents me for several years in the U.S.
Thank you very much :)

January 2, 2014

"Artist Become Releases Top 10 Contemporary Artists of 2013

According to Artist Become, the Polish artist Justyna Kopania was the most popular contemporary artist in 2013.

Written by on December 23, 2013"

"...Kopania is one of the 1500 artists showcasing their art on Artist Become. Of those artists, 800 were new to the online art community in 2013. With roughly 35,000 original pieces on display on Artist Become, 8,500 works which were uploaded during 2013, there were a lot of artistsup for consideration for inclusion in the Top 10 list..."


January 4, 2013

"Artist Become Releases First Annual Top 10 Contemporary Art List

“Night” by Polish artist Justyna Kopania named Artist Become’s most popular work of art in 2012.

02 Jul, 2012

"Justyna Kopania named Artist Become’s July Artist of the Month

The Polish Artist Justyna Kopania has Earned the Honors for her excellent pallet work and brushstrokes transcending her to be our July Artist of the Month. Polish artist Justyna Anna Kopania has been named Artist Become’s July Artist of the Month. Based in Warszawa, Poland, Kopania has been painting for more than a decade. She is one of more than 500 international artists featured on Artist Become..."

Written by Amitai Sasson on 02 Jul, 2012


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